Middles – Sessions for Middle Schoolers

We all remember middle school. Some of us have fond memories, some not so great, and some of us aren’t sure what to make of those formidable years. When your child enters middle school they might be shorter than you, and by the time they graduate from 8th grade they may be as tall, if not taller, than you. They try to figure out who they are, who their friends are, and what their style is. They experiment with new sports, clubs, and hobbies.

Let’s celebrate and document the adventure that middle school is! “Middles” is a special concept day exclusively for those in the midst of middle school. We incorporate the things that your middle schooler is in to, and have a whole lot of fun building up their self-esteem during their session time!

For those that want it, simple hair and makeup service is included in the session time. Your child will then have time for 2-3 different outfit changes or “looks” during their session. Afterwards we’ll sit down to see what the images look like (unedited), and choose favorites! You have the option to book this as a full blow Custom Session just for them, take advantage of an upcoming Marathon Day, or book a special day for a group of friends to experience together!

To view and book a spot for your Middle at an upcoming Marathon Day (only $390), please tap here!

Need more info or to set up something custom? Use this form, or call/text Helen at 913-669-7318!

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