When Pictures Are Out of Your Budget

You know this is a moment in time you want captured, with pictures to cherish for years (and generations) to come, but then you saw a price you weren’t expecting….

Let’s be real for a minute… professional photography is not cheap, nor should it be. A whole lot more goes into your portrait session than just the time you’re in front of the camera, but this isn’t a post to justify the range of prices from photographers – this is a post to talk about ways you can pay these very fair rates.

While I do have many clients who don’t have to think twice when paying my session and product fees, I also have quite a few who have to put some more thought and intentionality into the purchase. These clients know what they want, they value what I do, and they’re willing to be creative when it comes to paying for these important pictures!

So let’s say you love what you see from me, and you love the experience I provide, but this doesn’t easily fit in the family budget…

Ways to Pay

Small Payments in Advance – Some clients know they will want a session in the fall, so will get in touch with me late in the spring to arrange a pre-payment plan. Each month they’ll make a small payment ($100-$200), and I’ll keep a log of it. By the time their fall session rolls around, they have a nice bit of credit already built up for their order!

Asking for gift cards from family – This is probably the most popular way I’ve had people pay for their session and portrait purchase! This works well around holidays or birthdays – when people ask you what you’d like, you tell them you are hoping to book a photo session with Faces You Love, and you would really love a gift card to go towards your session. People love giving in this way, because they know these pictures are going to be treasured and admired for years to come! Way better than another sweater or bath set {wink} Gift cards can be easily purchased here!

Put it on your registry – Popular baby registry services like Baby List make this super easy! I’ve had numerous parents have most (if not all!) of their newborn session and even their entire 1st year Watch Me Grow package paid for thanks to their online registry! Again, pictures are a gift people love to be a part of, because of the longevity of them!

Work out a payment plan – Didn’t have time to rally friends or family, or make small payments in advance? Faces You Love (as well as many other professional photographers) are happy to work out a payment plan with you. While payment plans for my Watch Me Grow plans are very common, I’ve had several families love their regular session pictures more than they thought they would, and decide a larger package or piece of wall art is worth the sacrifice! In these instances, we’ll complete the order and work out a payment plan to break it into more manageable chunks. Once the plan is paid off (and yes, some pay it off early) they receive their order!

Consider a Mini Session – Can’t swing the above, but really want updated portraits right now? Mini sessions were entirely created for you! While I love my full length experience, with lots of time, different looks, hair & makeup, etc, I recognize that not everyone wants to swing the price that has to come with all of that. Whether looking at spring or fall mini session dates, or my newly created Tiny Newborn sessions (the mini version of newborn sessions), you’ll find these far more budget friendly while still providing you with beautiful memories! You can always see the latest mini session options on the Specials page.

Bottom line, I’m here to help you! I want you to have beautiful, heirloom ppl quality portraits both now and in the future, while I’m still being fairly compensated for my time and expertise. Give me a call or send me a message via my site here, and let’s see how we can get this done for you!

Let’s get you booked!

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