High School Seniors

Senior Year…. it’s finally here (or almost here)! Before you spread those wings, graduate and leave home, let’s get you photographed. I want to see and photograph YOU. The you that your friends and family love so much. You’ll find it’s easy to be yourself when relaxed and having fun, which is exactly how a session with Faces You Love is!

So what do you love? What are you into? Do you love a sport and want to incorporate that? What about a musical instrument? Theater or dance? Love reading and hanging with friends? One of the first things we’ll do at your session planning meeting is figuring out what would make this the best senior photo session for you!

Kansas City high school Senior sessions at Faces You Love start at $1,290. That session will do a lot for you, including: extensive help with the planning of your session, including wardrobe assistance, a professional hair and makeup artist when desired, the ability to include a few family or best friend shots at the session, and studio & outdoor look options!

Before the calendar fills, let’s talk details!

Simply fill out this short form, and we’ll reach out to discuss your basic vision for the session as well as schedule availability.